Japanese Dreamcast collecting ~ a visual compendium~

Dreamcast logo ©1999 SEGA Enterprises, Ltd

Dreamcast logo ©1999 SEGA Enterprises, Ltd

The Dreamcast has an impressive library of titles many of which for a variety of reasons were never published outside their native Japanese market. Many of these titles are perfectly playable for non-Japanese speakers however many unsurprisingly are realistically unplayable due to the language barrier.

There are a great number of impressive resources online which cover either both the American & European Dreamcast libraries or just specialise on one region. My personal recommendation for a decent English language Dreamcast site would be the Dreamcast Junkyard which caters to a broad audience with a wide range of articles & topics for the system.

Even with these sites a large amount of Japanese titles for the system still have little to no information about them available in English which i through this site i hope to redress. One of the main reasons why i started the site was the amount of long-standing inaccuracies which mainly occurred from contemporary mistranslations of the time which are now regarded as fact through the intervening two decades. Many times, while researching titles i came across developers & publishers who had games wrongly attributed to them while other studios simply had a distinct lack of confirmed information about them.

The overriding purpose of this site is to provide accurate in-depth information on the Japanese library for the Dreamcast which hopefully readers will find it of benefit as a useful resource which might entice them to try titles which they otherwise were unaware of. To enable this and provide a definitive visual resource each official publisher’s article will showcase a complete factory sealed collection of their releases for the system. As well as the games themselves i’ll endeavour to provide an almost near comprehensive look at the supplemental materials released in support of the games this will include guide books & soundtracks and other related items. I will also include items which generally weren’t made available to the public such as the games sample covers, packaging designs & Not for Sale discs which include demo discs and other utilities. However due to their very nature and lack of recorded information i expect large gaps in this area.

As you can imagine cataloguing every title released for the system is quite an unenviable task and will take some time to complete. In the course of compiling information for the site i’ve been fortunate to have received help from some of the publishers whose titles form part of the systems library which have kindly provided me with information about their titles and will be reproduced in their respective articles.

I would like to publicly thank those developers & publishers who’ve taken the time out of their busy schedule to answer questions about their twenty-year-old titles. Unfortunately, in the intervening two decades since the systems release many development teams and publishing labels have since become defunct and a wealth of information has been lost to time. Many official sites remain somewhat navigable but a large amount are mere remnants while some seemingly didn’t have a dedicated site in the first place. I would appreciate any information anyone can contribute as i will undoubtably miss important information concerning some titles.

Any questions or if you need any information about certain titles, I’m more than happy to try to answer any query’s you might have. You can contact me directly through the site or on Twitter @dreamcastcollector or Instagram dreamcastcollector



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