Atmark Corporation.Inc

Atmark Corporation.Inc are now known as Atmark Corporation Co., Ltd they were established in January of 2000 in Niigata City, Japan. They were initially founded as a logistics facilities company that developed mobile phone barcode scanning technology as well as other supply chain infrastructure. They have currently diversified their portfolio to include web design, development and sale of mobile terminals & server design and installation.

Atmark Corporation.Inc were a relatively late publisher for the Dreamcast system. I believe the Net@ Versus series of titles published for the system is the only consumer game software that the company ever published.

While they published all seven entries in the Net@Versus series they didn’t actually develop the games themselves. The development duties were handled by Yuki Enterprise Co.,Ltd who had previous expertise in developing games in the table genre notably Shogi & Reversi titles that were published under the ‘Morita‘ brand name. Below i’ll link to the Yuki Enterprise Co.,Ltd article if you’d like to find out more information about the Net Versus series developers.

Unfortunately while Atmark are still active they have no information relating to the Net@Versus series on their current website and their archive site also has no information relating to the series either. In fact i can’t find much official information about the Net@Versus series of games at all. The only article i could find was that the games would be released soon in an upcoming report from Famitsu. (C)1999-2001 ENTERBRAIN, INC

Luckily while Atmark don’t have any content relating to their Net@Versus series their official Sega Dreamcast dricas site is archived and is ironically much better presented then the actual game software. Below is the dricas site that lists all seven titles in the Net@Versus series. (C)ATMARK CORPORATION (C)2000 Yuki Enterprise Inc.

All seven of Atmark’s Dreamcast titles were rather unusually released on the same day the chronological order of their release is as follows Net@Versus: 麻雀 or Net@Versus: Mahjong, Net@Versus: 将棋 or Net@Versus: Shogi, Net@Versus: 囲碁 or Net@Versus: Igo, Net@Versus: 花札 or Net@Versus: Hanafuda, Net@Versus: 五目並べと連珠 or Net@Versus: gomoku & renju, Net Versus: チェス or Net Versus: Chess & Net@Versus: リバーシ or Net@Versus: Reversi. All of which were released on the 24th of May 2001 and retailed for ¥1,900 each.

The unusual step of releasing all seven titles together was because of the titles online mode. If you wanted a Chess game and bought Net Versus: チェス  you could play Chess offline but if you paid the subscription fee and went online you could play all the other games in the Net@Versus series through each individual Net@Versus disc. I assume Atmark thought that releasing seven titles at a budget price point would entice more buyers than releasing a one disc compilation.

Interestingly Yuki Enterprise continued to find publishers for the Net@Versus series and it was published on the Sony Playstation 2 as Simple 2000 Series – Vol. 1, The Table Game or THE テーブルゲーム by D3 Publishers i’ve linked to below the official entry for Simple 2000 Series – Vol. 1, THE テーブルゲーム or The Table Game so you can see the differences between the Dreamcast & Playstation 2 versions. © 2001 Yuki enterprise © 2001 D3 PUBLISHER

The main difference between the two systems is that D3 published all the games together as a one disc compilation and Yuki Enterprise added a 3D story mode. The Net@Versus series online mode was dropped for the Playstation 2 incarnation. The futuristic space ship setting was also replaced by a 3D fantasy style setting in the Playstation 2’s story mode.

D3 PUBLISHER also released the same compilation again for the Nintendo wii seven years after the Dreamcast & Playstation 2 releases. The only differences are slightly better graphics for the story mode which are now anime styled and for the first time since the Dreamcast release of the Net@Versus titles they were playable online again. Below is the official D3 page for Simple 2000 Series – Vol. 1, THE テーブルゲーム. © 2008 Yuki Enterprise © 2008 D3 PUBLISHER

The three Net@Versus titles i’ve played on the Dreamcast eschew the traditional genre style that is common for table type games and they have a futuristic industrial spaceship setting. They feature a wealth of customisable options for your avatar mainly i suspect to differentiate players online. The actual games themselves are very basic in their graphical presentation i can understand they might not be a graphical tour de force because of the necessity of the other six online games in the series. But even with smooth online play being a consideration the Net@Versus titles have graphics that are of an early computer game at best.

As previously mentioned the Net@Versus series were online compatible and even through the titles were budget priced they still had a subscription fee if you wanted to take advantage of the series online mode. The cost was the standard fee of 300 Dream for thirty days access and as usual payment was by Dream or Webmoney. Below is the official Net@Versus subscription fee page where you can find out information about these two payment options. (C)ATMARK CORPORATION (C)2000 Yuki Enterprise Inc.

According to the official Sega network service site the Net@Versus series network mode was scheduled to end on the 31st of May 2002. The Net@Versus dricas site was also closed in May of 2002 i’ve linked to the announcement of the sites closure below. (C)ATMARK CORPORATION (C)2000 Yuki Enterprise Inc.



T-45701M Net@Versus -Mahjong-




T-45701M Net Versus Mahjong front

T-45701M Net@Versus -Mahjong- front


T-45701M Net Versus Mahjong back

T-45701M Net@Versus: Mahjong back


T-45702M Net@Versus -Shogi-




T-45702M Net Versus Shogi front

T-45702M Net@Versus -Shogi- front


T-45702M Net Versus Shogi back

T-45702M Net@Versus -Shogi-  back


T-45703M Net@Versus -Igo-




T-45703M Net Versus Igo front

T-45703M Net@Versus -Igo- front


T-45703M Net Versus Igo back

T-45703M Net@Versus -Igo- back


T-45704M Net@Versus -Hanafuda-




T-45704M Net Versus Hanafuda front

T-45704M Net@Versus -Hanafuda- front


T-45704M Net Versus Hanafuda back

T-45704M Net@Versus -Hanafuda- back


T-45705M Net@Versus  -Gomoku & Renju-




T-45705M Versus Rendu and Gomoku net front

T-45705M Net@Versus -Gomoku & Renju- front


T-45705M Versus Rendu and Gomoku net back

T-45705M Net@Versus -Gomoku & Renju- back


T-45706M Net@Versus -Chess-




T-45706M Net Versus Chess front

T-45706M Net@Versus -Chess- front


T-45706M Net Versus Chess back

T-45706M Net@Versus -Chess- back


T-45707M Net@Versus -Reversi-




T-45707M Net Versus Reversi front

T-45707M Net@Versus -Reversi- front


T-45707M Net Versus Reversi back

T-45707M Net@Versus -Reversi- back


SAMPLE covers


SAMPLE T-45701M Net@Versus -Mahjong-




SAMPLE Net@Versus: Mahjong front

SAMPLE Net@Versus -Mahjong- front Mahjong is spelt MAJONG on the sample



SAMPLE Net@Versus: Mahjong back

SAMPLE Net@Versus -Mahjong- back Sample lacks the year on the copyright



SAMPLE T-45702M Net@Versus -Shogi-




SAMPLE T-45702M Net@Versus: Shogi front

SAMPLE T-45702M Net@Versus -Shogi- front


SAMPLE T-45702M Net@Versus: Shogi back

SAMPLE T-45702M Net@Versus -Shogi- back Sample lacks the year on the copyright


SAMPLE T-45703M Net@Versus -Igo-




SAMPLE T-45703M Net@Versus: Igo front

SAMPLE T-45703M Net@Versus -Igo- front


SAMPLE T-45703M Net@Versus: Igo back

SAMPLE T-45703M Net@Versus -Igo- back Sample lacks the year on the copyright


SAMPLE T-45704M Net@Versus -Hanafuda-




SAMPLE T-45704M Net@Versus: Hanafuda front

SAMPLE T-45704M Net@Versus -Hanafuda- front


SAMPLE T-45704M Net@Versus: Hanafuda back

SAMPLE T-45704M Net@Versus -Hanafuda- back Sample lacks the year on the copyright


SAMPLE T-45705M Net@Versus -Rendu and Gomoku-




SAMPLE T-45705M Net@Versus: Gomoku & Renju front

SAMPLE T-45705M Net Versus- Gomokunarabe & Renju- front


SAMPLE T-45705M Net@Versus: Gomoku & Renju back

SAMPLE T-45705M Net Versus- Gomokunarabe & Renju- back Sample lacks the year on the copyright


SAMPLE T-45706M Net@Versus -Chess-




SAMPLE T-45706M Net@Versus: Chess front

SAMPLE T-45706M Net@Versus  -Chess- front


SAMPLE T-45706M Net@Versus: Chess back

SAMPLE T-45706M Net@Versus -Chess-  back Sample lacks the year on the copyright


SAMPLE T-45707M Net@Versus -Reversi-




SAMPLE T-45707M Net@Versus -Reversi-

SAMPLE T-45707M Net@Versus -Reversi- front


SAMPLE T-45707M Net@Versus -Reversi- back

SAMPLE T-45707M Net@Versus -Reversi- back Sample lacks the year on the copyright


(NOT FOR SALE) 非売品 discs & other media


I’m not aware of any individual 非売品 disc’s for any of Atmark’s Net@Versus titles and i’m not convinced that theres any content relating to them on the usual Dreamcast Magazine, Dream Preview or  Dreamcast Express discs either.

I’ve personally never seen any other media relating to the Net@Versus series if anything a series guide book might possibly exist but i sadly can’t find any official confirmation that anything was released in support for the series.

Thanks for reading this entry on Atmark Corporation.Inc and as always if you can provide any information i might have missed about either Atmark Corporation or their Net@Versus series of titles please get in touch either through the site or on Twitter @dreamcastcollector



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